Strange matter

Many people might think that the most dangerous state of matter is plasma, the fiery stuff that makes up our sun and many others like it. Plasma can be very dangerous and could burn you to a crisp, but what would you say if there were something even more dangerous zooming through the universe all the time hitting planets and stars at random ruining there chances of sustaining life. Unfortunately there is! Don’t worry it “probably” won’t hit us any time soon, but then again.. never mind.

Wait what is strange matter anyway. First we need to discuss quark matter. When a big star’s core collapses on itself The quarks [the particles building up the particles that make up the atom] are pushed together by gravity and are trying to push away from each other. If gravity proves stronger than the quarks it will become the single most dense thing in the known universe a black hole, but if not it becomes a neutron star the second most dense thing in the universe, and is made of quark matter. Sometimes this stuff goes through a reaction that causes it to become the most dangerous state of matter, strange matter. Strange matter is jus like quark matter except it’s stronger and very stable. So stable in fact that it might even turn any other state of matter into quark matter, and as I said they are shooting around the universe as we speak as small bits called stranglets coming from when neutron stars  that hold strange matter [strange stars] hit other neutron stars or black holes, or even appeared when the Big Bang had just started when everything and every were had the same conditions as a neutron stars. At least if you become a blob of strange matter you will know why.

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