Don’t worry but they’re real. Land sharks. 🦈

Okay not really, there known as walking sharks. recently a new theory has been made to study these unique sharks. Before we get into that a quick expatiation is in order. Walking sharks (or land sharks if you prefer) are a group of Selachimopha ( sharks) which has nine species that we know of. The reason there called walking sharks is quite clear. Walking sharks branched of about nine thousand years ago, making them the earliest group of sharks, they have evolved to use there pectoral and pelvic fins to not only walk on the ocean floor but because of the fact that they don’t need to use much oxygen, can walk in land hence the name walking shark


the theory of studying these creatures has shone that this species developed much earlier than other groups of sharks and, have been a sort of a big deal recently, because of the new way to study them which is why I have made my blog about them this week!


a day for one species of walking sharks called the epaulette shark would be something like this. I use most my day hiding from predators